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Fleet Telematics Solutions

Fleet telematics solutions are provided by a number of Australian companies.  This page is a combined directory and poll.  It includes Teletrac Navman, MTData, EROAD, and many others. You can vote for as many providers as you like.   So, the best providers are at the top of the list!  (Or you can of course sort alphabetically.)

If there is a company missing from this list, let me know and I will add it.

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Fleet management is increasing in complexity. Its scope has extended beyond management of vehicle costs, procurement, maintenance, and suitability. Fleet management is now strategic asset management.

Modern fleet management systems need to handle new concepts and technologies. For example, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and electric vehicles. They also need to support environmental sustainability, and health and safety.

This expansion of scope means spreadsheets and paperwork are no longer viable tools. Fleet managers need a more sophisticated solution.


Ctrack’s brand promise is to keep your assets and operations always visible. We provide accessible, real-time information. This helps to enhance your business, and deliver a strong return on investment.

Ctrack is more than a telematics provider. We offers a wide range of fleet telematics solutions to support your business, its vehicles and assets.  We have solutions for vehicle and asset tracking, routing and scheduling. We can also help with cameras, stolen vehicle response and intelligent dashboards.

Ctrack’s market-leading solutions are for fleets of any size. Our solutions help manage all types of vehicles, in a variety of industries. For example, trailers, plant machinery and equipment.

Ctrack is powered by Inseego Corp. Inseego is a US-based pioneer in SaaS, Mobile, 5G technology and IoT solutions. Inseego sell telematics solutions under the Ctrack brand.


EROAD develops fleet telematics solutions, products and services. These help manage vehicle fleets and support regulatory compliance. They also improve driver safety, and reduce the costs associated with driving.

EROAD assists universities, government agencies, and others by providing insights and data analytics. This helps them research, trial and assess future transport networks. It helps prepare the design, management and funding of future transport networks. The result is safer, better roads over the long term.

EROAD pioneered regulatory telematics. They launched the world’s first nationwide electronic road user charging system in New Zealand in 2009. This system collects billions of dollars in revenue. It plays a vital role in sustaining the New Zealand transport network.

EROAD are listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (trading as ERD) and employ over 300 staff. EROAD have operations across NZ, Australia and North America.


Euclidic is an experienced team of telecommunications entrepreneurs and professional services executives. We founded Euclidic in 2015, and our partners include Melbourne University.

Euclidic enables tracking of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and off-road mobile assets. We install devices into vehicles, and stream telematic data to our cloud database. We run analytics to help clients on smart and cost-effective decisions. We can help with safety, fleet utilisation, and insurance. 

Our technology brings simplicity, reliability and scale to fleet management. It enables us to provide end-to-end solutions, not just components.


Originally branded as Securatrak, Fleet Complete Australia has been active since 2003. As Securatrak, they were one of the first Australian GPS Fleet Management companies.

Fleet Complete Australia is now among the regional market leaders. Fleet Complete Australia continues to enter new international markets at an accelerated rate. It is one of the top fleet telematics solutions players in the US, Mexico, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia. Fleet Complete is also recognised as the fastest-growing telematics provider in the world. Fleet Complete Australia deliver industry-leading connected mobility solutions and have won many awards.


MTData has been Australian-owned and operated for almost 20 years. We help businesses improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and meet compliance requirements.

We provide tailored telematics hardware and software to your specific needs. Our advanced technology provides the flexibility needed to maintain your competitive edge. We deliver high quality, well-supported products, designed for Australian conditions.

MTData is part of Telstra’s Connected Vehicle offering. We are passionate about telematics. Many of Australia's largest players choose MTData as their technology partner.


Data mining valuable GPS Telemetry data provides a great foundation for developing metrics. It can help make better decisions about your fleet operating costs, utilisation & efficiency. It can also help you decide the best time to dispose of the asset.


As a business, we are just like you.  We have experienced change. We have experienced some challenges along the way.

Through a focus on knowledge and continual learning, our aim has always been to build trust and belief with our customers.

And as we’ve moved into different markets and industry sectors, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt.

As a constant throughout our history – like yourselves – we’ve always strived to improve and keep moving forward.


MiX Fleet Manager Premium is an end-to-end solution for fleet operators. It provides the information and tools required to sustain a high-performance operation. And it ensures you can operate at full capacity, in the safest way possible.

MiX Fleet Manager Premium comprises of a sophisticated on-board computer. It provides immediate access to secure information about their drivers and vehicles.

Our customers from around the world have saved fuel, improved safety. They also increased utilisation and enhance customer service. MiX Fleet Manager Premium will deliver significant results to your current operations.


Fleet costs can be monitored, managed and minimized using insights from telematics technology.  Telematics can have a significant impact on your business’s bottom line. Geotab’s tracking devices, collects the information that helps you track fleet costs.

Existing fleet trends can give you a strong sign of future expenses. This assists with budgeting. You can also track activity outside expectation. Finally, you can track problem areas to reduce your costs and improve efficiency.



Our fleet management software gives you powerful insights in an intuitive interface.

Whether you’re managing a fast-moving, high-volume fleet or making long hauls to remote locations, it keeps your business moving.


WEBFLEET is our market leading, innovative fleet management software solution. It gives secure access to all the information you need. It helps you manage your fleet operation in the most effective way.

With WEBFLEET you are always connected with your team on the road. You know where your vehicles are, and how they are being used, from any mobile device of your choice.

It makes your fleet performance data visible. This means you know current status, and also when and where to take action. You can take real-time traffic information into account. For example, when assigning the most appropriate driver to the next job. Or you can ensure they take a predefined route, that you send to their Driver Terminal.


Fleetdynamics GPS tracking devices let you track and manage your assets in real-time. They are suitable for both business owners with a fleet of vehicles or an individual with a classic car.

Our range of devices suit a range of applications and geographic requirements, with options that work on both cellular and satellite networks.


Bigmate is a business outcome focused fleet telematics solutions company. Designed and tested in Australia, we have provided simple solutions with complex technology.  For more than 17 years Bigmate we have served a broad range of industries and markets. 

Bigmate is a market leading IoT and vision analytics company. We have capabilities across connected fleets, fixed and mobile equipment. We have a proven record in location tracking, industrial sensor and productivity solutions. Yet our focus is people, with an emphasis on safety.


Netstar provide fleet tracking & management solutions. Our products help you control your fleet. They also provide your employees with safety and security.

Solutions include:​

  • Vehicle Tracking Software
  • Asset Tracking & Recovery
  • Driver ID
  • Remote/Lone Worker Solutions
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting (Fuel Tax Credits & FBT)
  • Camera Solutions
  • NHVR Compliance Solutions (Prestart Checklist & Electronic Work Diary)
  • In Vehicle Navigation



Future Fleet PLUS is a dynamic, comprehensive fleet management platform. It gives fleet operators total control of their assets. A single platform for all logistics and cold chain requirements.

PLUS provides support to all areas of your business. It helps with maintenance, compliance, FTC Fuel Tax Credits incident and utilisation reporting. It increases visibility and planning, and reduces daily paperwork.

PLUS helps you reduce cost and become more productive. And it adds value at all interactions, to your customer service & delivery.

PLUS supports Remote Reefer monitoring and control, probe temperature monitoring. There is a light version for customers who only require basic vehicle tracking.


See your vehicles on the live map. Know what’s happening out on the field. Easily see your vehicles at a glance. See your team’s location in near real-time.

Help reduce costs and save money. Reduce fuel-wasting driver behaviour, such as speeding and idling. Control labour costs with improved tracking of hours worked.

View the status and activity of all your vehicles.

Analyse your fleet’s performance over time. See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. Our customisable dashboards simplify your progress towards KPIs or budgets. They use up-to-the-minute fleet analytics provided by our fleet solution.

Get the support you need. We’re dedicated to helping you improve your results, your ROI and your bottom line. We can help with planning, through implementation, integration and training.


BlackBox Control was established in 2002. Our mission is to empower our customers to have complete control over their assets. We provide customisable solutions. These enable management and control of both mobile and fixed assets. Our products include extensive onboard asset integration. We also have options for both cellular and satellite coverage. Outputs include precise business intelligence reporting. BlackBox is one of Australia's most innovative vehicle tracking systems.


Our locally designed, developed and manufactured world-class Fleet Telematics hardware and software empowers business owners and Fleet Managers to easily manage and scale their physical operations.


With over 2000 valued clients and a presence in 5 countries, supplying solutions to small businesses to the largest industry fleets and government organisations, Linxio’s future is bright, with core values unchanged but product ever evolving.


GPSi Group Pty Ltd (trading as GPS Innovations) is a privately owned Australian company that designs, develops, sells and supports innovative solutions to improve vehicle driver safety and vehicle fleet optimisation.


Fleetsu was born to provide simplicity and flexibility. These are the values that drive our business to this day. We are constantly evolving and innovating our solutions. We offeri a level of service that enriches your business processes. We provide the tools for you to manage and monetise your fleet and send more time working on your business. 


Directed works in partnership with many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. We develop integrated OEM Safety, Security and Telematics solutions.

Our experienced team of OEM Account Managers utilise best practice. We ensure we develop products that meet all their requirements. We take care of our customer needs long after the first supply.



V-DAQ is Australia’s fastest growing regulatory telematics provider, we work with heavy vehicle transport operators to meet mandatory telematics requirements and improve mass and access through high productivity schemes.


Drivalink innovation has been achieved by combining driver experience and logistics management into a user friendly set of solutions. Our software combines over 30 years of hands on experience in the logistics and IT industry; delivering a solution set that provides real time information for everything from vehicle tracking, work diary and logs, driver safety (including fatigue), in-cab camera, 360 degree cameras, weights and refrigeration.


FleetLogix specialises in providing GPS tracking solutions to fleet operators across Australia. Our tracking systems have helped keep Australia on track for over 20 years and we monitor some of the largest corporate fleets in Australia.


Established in 1999, we are an Australian owned GPS Tracking and Vehicle Telematics company.

We support local and international businesses by providing solutions for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking. 

Our key strengths revolve around providing customised solutions that integrate into existing business systems. Our solutions are built solely in house by our own development team and this is what separates us from our competition.


Pacific Telematics is a wholly owned Australian company. Our products are designed in Australia to suit the needs of the Australian Transport Industry. They are distributed exclusively through Air Brake Corporation who has unsurpassed experience of more than thirty years within the industry. Knowledge…… that you are not alone.

By combining global leading hardware and partnering with cutting edge platform and Algorithm experts we will transform the way you do business. We are dedicated to the industry; we are dedicated to you and your business.


With 50 combined years of management knowledge on fleet management and workflow solutions, we combined the two and brought you SolBox.

From route planning, optimisation and mobility solutions, to last-mile proof of delivery and automation, our team of experts will connect your people with the right technology to get the job done fast, improve productivity and accelerate growth.



Procon Telematics is an end-to-end telematics eco-system. We connect fleet vehicles to the internet. This enables our clients to access real-time analytics. and productise connected vehicle data across customer segments, verticals and revenue streams. Our clients interface with the data they want, the way they want it and when they want it. Our technology supports our distributors to manage their own connected vehicle networks.



Trimble helps on-land commercial vehicle industry achieve greater fleet performance. We provide innovative and integrated onboard computing and mobile communication systems. These enable managers to get data-driven business intelligence at their fingertips. They can then make better decisions that lead to greater profitability.



CMS Transport Systems developed its first system back in 1978. That was for for one of Australia's largest transport and logistics groups. We are one of the world's most experienced transport software development companies. 100% of our development and support work is undertaken by our own people, right here in Australia.

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