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Benefits of a Dash Cam (UPDATED JUNE 2022)

So you’re thinking of buying a dash cam but unsure of the benefits you will get from it? This guide to the benefits of a dash cam is set up a poll. Experienced dash cam users can vote for reasons why they bought their dash cams. New dash cam purchasers can get an idea of what’s important, or vote for the benefits of a dash cam that they expect to get.

You can vote for as many benefits of a dash cam as you like! And if there is a benefit missing from the list below, let us know and we will add it.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge of benefits of a dash cam!


1. Dealing with Insurance Companies

With dash cam footage it’s indisputable what happened in an accident. Which can be helpful when different people have different recollections of what happened. Dash cam footage can help you deal with insurance companies in two ways. They can help assign fault for an accident. This may help keep your future premiums down. They can also help you get a quicker payment.

2. Dealing with Law Enforcement

Traffic police have stopped many of us for an offence that we did not commit. If you have a dash cam in your vehicle, you can show the police on the spot what actually happened. And if the police refuse to watch it, you can show it in court if you decide to contest the charge.

3. Dealing with Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud increases the costs for insurance companies. They pass this cost to consumers in the form of increased insurance premiums. It’s possible you may record footage of what you think could be a staged accident. If this happens, you can pass your footage to the insurance company for investigation. Lowering the rate of insurance fraud lowers the cost of insurance for everyone.

4. Improve Your Own Driving

Dash cams can help you improve your driving in a couple of ways. You can review the footage to see how you could have handled specific incidents better. And when you know your driving is being recorded, you are less inclined to take risks.

5. Improve Your Children's Driving

Many parents set aside time for a regular dash cam review with their children. It’s a great way for parents to give driving guidance based on real life events.
Recording their driving can motivate your children to drive safely. Even better is if you use a two way dash cam. These can record the inside of the car as well as the outside. You can see if their phone or friends are distracting them from driving. This helps ensure your teenager is focusing on the road.

6. Record Surprising Events

This is a great motivator for many people to buy a dash cam. There are a huge number of dash cam groups on Facebook and the like. You may get to record other people’s crazy driving, or other surprising natural events. You can then share them online, or with friends.

7. Watch Your Unattended Vehicle

Some more expensive dash cam models include a motion sensor. The cam can use this motion sensor to trigger recording. If the dashcam is online, the recording can be automatically uploaded. And if the dashcam also includes a GPS tracker, then you can track the vehicle’s location. This makes the dashcam very useful for recovering your vehicle in case of theft.

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